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Fun Educational Toddler Games

Image Fun Educational Toddler Games

ABC Toddler Games is a collection of educational games for preschool kids.
This app provides a great learning and entertainment experience for kids. They will spend time learning and improving their motor skills, logical thinking, and visual perception in a very entertaining way.
It is a perfect way of learning for pre-kindergarten students. It helps to gain interest and a positive attitude toward learning as early as preschool children.
This app promotes learning by doing and experimenting variety of games and is one of the most recommended ways to familiarize your loved ones with the basic educational concepts at 3-5 years of age.
Our features :
- Learn addition & subtraction
- Learn to sort and match colors
- Fun sorting objects by their sizes activities
- Multiple games to learn about matching different shapes accordingly
- Fun drawing activities
- Slicing fruit to help improve your loved ones' motor skills

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