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ABC Tracing Game

Fun Educational Tracing Game for Kids

Image Fun Educational Tracing Game for Kids

ABC Tracing Game is an educational game for kids designed to teach kids how to write capital letters, small letters, numbers, as well as basic shapes.
By using this app your kids are expected to master writing letters, recognizing letters, writing numbers, counting numbers, drawing shapes, and recognizing shapes while having fun doing it with various mini games to play.
This app is suitable for kids all of ages including toddler, preschool and even kindergarten ones.
Learning numbers, alphabets and shapes will be easier and fun with our ABC Tracing Game. We integrate animated letters with sounds so preschool kids will master English pronunciation of letters, numbers and shapes.
This friendly educational app not only helps kids learn alphabet, number and shapes but also keeps them busy and engaged while having fun at the same time.
App interface is designed in such a way that it helps kids writing, tracing and improving their hand eye coordination, imagination as well as developing other cognitive skills.
Features :
- Easy way to write and trace ABC 123 with interactive sounds
- Kids will learn the differences between uppercase and lowercase letters
- Kids will learn to count and recognize numbers
- Includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, as well as shapes to trace
- Several fun mini games for kids to play
- Colorful animations and graphics to make your kids hooked with alphabet, numbers and shapes
- Available in two languages, English and Indonesian

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